Are you already feeling better on a GMO free diet?
Let us know how you’re doing.

If you’ve already made the commitment to avoid GMOs, you’re in good company. Nationwide, doctors are recommending that their patients avoid genetically modified foods (GMOs).
So, let us know how you’re doing.

If you’re thinking about eliminating GMOs from your diet
use these tips to help you make selecting healthier groceries quick and easy.
  • You might want to clean out your cupboards before heading to the store. Consumers are often shocked to find out that about 70% of processed foods in their kitchen have some level of GMO toxins which carry documented health risks.

  • Download or order our pocket/purse sized guide and carry it with you down the aisles of your supermarket, or natural food store, to help you start swapping your brand choices for non-GMO items.
If a product on the shelf is not listed in the Guide, use these 4 simple tips and you can figure out if a food item is likely GMO or not.

Basically check the label. If it says “organic” or “non-GMO” put it in your shopping cart. If not, then compare labeled ingredients to the list of GMO derivatives in the back of our guide. If there is a match, put the brand back on the shelf.

Travel Often?

Below are our three basic non-GMO travel tips for you. Choose restaurants that prepare at least some entrees from scratch, as opposed to fast food places with highly processed pre-cooked ingredients.
  • Avoid certain types of menu entrees (see restaurant tips below)

  • Ask what types of oils are used to prepare your meal.
    Avoid soy, cottonseed, canola, or corn oils.

  • In general, get familiar with how to avoid GMOs when eating at restaurants.
Take it easy. Just add these simple first steps and continue to add non-GMO products to your diet regularly, even if you don’t feel you can go 100% non-GMO right away.

Let your friends know what you’re doing. Let us know how it’s going!